Serenity: Distress signal from space

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The spaceship Serenity was gliding through silent space when it suddenly picked up a distress signal. The signal came from a ship on an interstellar mission to colonize a distant planet. Their journey had been severely damaged and now they urgently needed new fuel supplies.

Serenity's captain, experienced and courageous, decided without hesitation to lend a helping hand. The crew immediately went to work, loaded the necessary fuel supplies and headed for the colonization ship.

However, Serenity faced an unexpected danger along the way. The space pirates suddenly attacked to ambush and rob the ship. A fierce battle ensued in deep space. Thanks to the bravery of Serenity's crew, the enemies were repulsed, but the ship sustained considerable damage and remained immobile.

The situation looked desperate, but Serenity's crew did not give up. Engineers and technicians worked tirelessly on repairs. The engine was gradually restored, the damaged parts replaced, and the ship slowly but surely began to move again.

Filled with determination to deliver fuel supplies, Serenity continued her mission. On arrival at the colonization ship, their assistance was received with great gratitude. Serenity's crew not only delivered fuel, but also assisted with the most necessary repairs. After the task was completed, both ships continued their journeys - one to new worlds and the other back to the unknown universe, ready to face further adventures.

ATTENTION: The game is not suitable for people with reduced mobility (stairs, ladders, hatches) or people sensitive to flashing lights.

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  • Wenzigova 11, Praha 2
  • 1550.00 - 2290.00 Kč
  • interaktivní hi-tech moderní bez zámečků filmové kulisy 4.gen exitgames exitgame escape game escape room únikovka puzzleroom puzzle room
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July, 2024
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