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Are you looking for a unique experience for your team that will strengthen team spirit and offer an exciting break from the daily routine? Our breakout games Serenity: A Mysterious Signal From Space and The Lost Crown Jewels offer a combination of past and future that will not only entertain your colleagues, but also bring them together to solve challenging tasks.

Serenity: Distress signal from space

The spaceship Serenity was gliding through silent space when it suddenly picked up a distress signal. The signal came from a ship on an interstellar mission to colonize a distant planet. Their journey had been severely damaged and they now urgently needed new fuel supplies.

The Lost Crown Jewels: Secrets of the Freemasons

The public is shocked when it is discovered that the crown jewels stored in the Crown Chamber of St. Vita in Prague are fakes. You are a team of top detectives and historians tasked with uncovering the true location of the jewels.

Why choose a combination of both games?

  • Greater Adventure: Two different story lines give you a wider range of experiences.
  • Double Challenges: Explore the world from history to the future in a spaceship.
  • Discounts and Bonuses: When you book two consecutive team building dates where the players change, you get a special package including drinks, snacks, souvenirs and certificates.
  • Switch Roles: After completing one game, try another for double the adventure! (must book two time slots)
  • Reception area: branch at I.P. Pavlova has a spacious reception where you can sit or organize a small party
  • +420 778 967 366
  • Wenzigova 11, Praha 2
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