Teambuilding Smíchov, 10 people

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Looking for a unique experience for your team that will boost team spirit and offer an exciting break from the daily routine? Our escape games Dr. Shipman and Fallout: Dark Lab offer a combination of detective sleuthing and post-apocalyptic adventure that will not only keep your colleagues entertained, but also bring them together to tackle challenging tasks.

Dr. Shipman

Imagine you are standing outside the house of a popular doctor in the English countryside, but something is wrong. Budding detectives like you are tasked with investigating suspicious patient deaths. Is it really possible that this doctor is a murderer? In your hands is the truth that may lie behind these mysterious tragedies. But beware, time is running out, and with it your chance to unravel the mystery of Dr. Shipman.

Fallout: Dark Lab

Enter a world where war has changed everything. The surface of the Earth is a wasteland and your only hope of survival is to find the cure invented by scientist John Smith. This cure could rid the world of radioactive radiation and restore its habitability. But where is the scientist? And where is the cure? Your journey will take you into the depths of an abandoned shelter where a series of pitfalls and puzzles await. Can you survive in this post-apocalyptic world and find hope for humanity?

Why choose a combination of both games?

  • More adventure: two different storylines give you a wider range of experiences.
  • Dual challenges: Test your detective skills in Dr. Shipman and then survive in the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout.
  • Discounts and bonuses: when you book two consecutive teambulding dates where players swap, you get a special package including drinks, snacks, souvenirs and certificates.
  • Role Swapping: After completing one game, try another and get double the adventure!
  • +420 778 967 366
  • Nádražní 740/56 Praha 5
  • 3000.00 - 3300.00 Kč
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